Good Food Lady is here to provide you with an uncomplicated guide for creating delicious meals - with a focus on traditional cooking methods and nutrient-dense whole foods.

The Good Food Lady:

The Good Food Lady and her husband.

The Good Food Lady and her husband.


A Brief History

I am a Christian wife and the mother of three adults, living in North Carolina. I work professionally in the area of Food Safety. In addition, I am a Food Educator who has a passion for home cooked meals. 

I have always been obsessed with food, usually with eating it! I was the chubby one in the family, this led me to the Nutrition field; I was looking for that weight loss "silver bullet".  After successful by-pass surgery to address my struggle with obesity (and the resulting diabetes) I eventually learned that it not only mattered how much you ate, but what you ate that makes the difference between surviving and thriving. 


Why Did You Start Good Food Lady?

I started GoodFoodLady because I want people to thrive. Food is a gift, a gift that blesses us. We should be blessed with health, not stricken with disease. I want to be a guide on this food journey, one who provides a map to good food that leads to good health. 


What Is Your Education?

I have a B.S. in Foods & Nutrition from North Carolina Central University and a Master of Extension Education from North Carolina State University. 


Food Philosophy

Good food builds you up, it does not tear you down. My philosophy is eat what you like, but make sure it's good.