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Eating well while road tripping.

Eating well while road tripping.

I love a road trip, long or short. I love the planning that goes into it; from mapping the route and deciding the activities once arriving to preparing all the things that will be needed like the clothing, footwear and protective gear (sunblock, hats, etc..). All of the aforementioned planning is pretty simple, the toughies for me is deciding what we are going to eat? And then depending on our final destination and accommodations, what are we going to eat once we get there? 

We have a travel trailer that we lovingly named Daphne Solaria (Victory in the Light). If we travel with her, then we can just stock the fridge with our usual food and it’s no worries. In other cases however, without planning we are left at the mercies of gas stations and restaurants if we don’t plan well. We try to follow a low carbohydrate, whole food type of diet. I am generally pescatarian and can tolerate limited dairy. Hubby just follows low carb, whole food.  

Here is what I brought on our last road trip which entailed 7 hours on the road each way and a 4 day hotel stay. We were traveling to attend our niece’s wedding. 


3 six packs of sparkling water

To make morning smoothies (1 carton almond milk, 1 bag frozen mixed berries, 1 bag fresh spinach, 10 pre-mixed sandwich bags of protein powder, chia seeds and coconut flakes).

1 loaf of sprouted grain/seed bread

1 jar of peanut butter (never used) 

5 - nut/seed/dark chocolate bars

1 bag of apples (ate half, came back with the rest) 

1 small bag plantain chips

1 small tub artichoke/spinach dip

1 sandwich bag of carrots  (had leftovers)

1 bag roasted peanuts  

1 bag peanut snack doodles  

1/2 bar 92% dark chocolate  (still have 1/4 of bar)

1 package of date/nut bites

1 tomato

1 container tuna/egg salad that hubby prepared.  

Day 1 - Smoothies for breakfast before we left. On the road, water, various snacks and tuna sandwich picnic. Only stopped for picnic, gas and potty break. Once we reached my brother’s house, he ordered Indian for us, my fish curry was🔥spicy but so good, hubby had mild curry goat 😆. Great day!

Day 2 - Smoothies for breakfast and then a long day preparing for 3pm wedding. Reception was awesome, excellent food! I had lobster bisque and salmon on asparagus/mushrooms, too much wine and 2 pieces of cake 😋.

Day 3 - Smoothies for breakfast then trouble for the rest of the day; Mexican food, pizza, donuts, etc.. the only thing I didn’t bother with was the ice cream because I’m so lactose intolerant. Horrible reflux in the middle the night, I really paid for my indiscretions.

Day 4- Smoothie for breakfast, then on the road, snack bar, apple, sandwich for lunch and sparkling water. Only stopped for potty and gas, made sandwiches while driving. Once back home, left-over curry for dinner (has been in fridge and on ice the whole time). 

We did need two coolers, ice, a picnic basket with plates, cups, cutlery and straws, our mini travel blender and I brought two types of tea to make before bed. 

We had a really good trip and had I not gone “crazy” on Day 3 it would have been a perfect trip, but then there’s always next time. 



Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The cake was worth it! 

Cooking well in small places

Cooking well in small places

Leek, Kale, Spinach and Mushroom sauté.

Leek, Kale, Spinach and Mushroom sauté.