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Eli Inspired Kibbeh

Eli Inspired Kibbeh


I am calling this Eli inspired because my son Elijah introduced me to Kibbeh and I love when he makes it for us. It is a little different from his but it turned out delicious and even better the next day when we had the leftovers for lunch.


1 lb. ground lamb or beef 

1 bag frozen spinach  

1 chopped onion  

1/2 cup Zaatar (more to taste) 

3 minced garlic cloves

1 tsp salt

Up to 1 cup of broth or water


honey to drizzle  

lemon wedges

cayenne pepper to sprinkle  

yogurt to dollop

Instructions - Brown the ground meat until very brown, it will start sticking to the pan but you want this, it’s ok. If your meat is very lean you may need to use a little cooking oil to help browning. Use medium-high heat.  

 Once the meat is completely browned with a little crisping occurring around some edges add the onion, Zaatar and salt, continue browning. 

Once the onions go translucent add the spinach and garlic. The liquid from the frozen spinah will help to deglaze the pan and break up all the fond that has formed on the bottom of the pan. If the is still a lot stuck use as much of the broth or water you need to completely deglaze the pan, you want every bit of the fond, do not leave any of that delicious goodness behind. 

Once the pan is completely deglazed the spinach should be cooked. If there is a lot of moisture continue cooking until it dries out a bit, you do not want to overcook, it is ready as soon as it is not “wet” looking, liquid should not pool in the bottom of the pan.

To Serve - I like to serve this on top of riced cauliflower, you can use rice or another grain if you like, Eli does not serve it on top of anything. On the Kibbe you will sprinkle a little cayenne to taste, drizzle with honey, add a big dollop of yogurt and a wedge of lemon to squeeze to taste.

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